Friday, August 14, 2009

Guess who's travelling???

YEP!! That's right!! I AM!! Hearts Charm is going off to Cairo! Woohoo!

I'm going to Cairo/Egypt! So, obviously that means I won't be posting for about a month or two cause im not gonna have internet connection all the time!! I know...its a shame :(

I'm gonna miss you all!

P.S. if u've been to Cairo before, leave a comment suggesting places I should visit that are worth my time!! Thanx xD


  1. yaaay first cheftee am your faithful follower :D etroo7een wtrdeen blsama 7abeebty ...go out have fun ! screw the agenda of swine flu -.-

    cairo never been visited (yet) in my list tell me how is it there

  2. a month or twoo wayiid 3ala ma9iir=O i just came back mn cairo a week ago..sboo3ain w 6agat chbdii =P mm you should visit the pyramids! =) deeray balich mn hal na9abeen =P ehehe have fun w tro7en w trdeen bilsalama
    -N~ (Charmbracelet)

  3. HAVE FUN daaahling.. I read your posts o the comment on my blog o i wanted to comment on them both bas i was in dxb o my bb wouldn't allow me do so.. Anyways inshalla u have a gr8 time.. Take care o ENJOY YOURSELF.. Gonna miss ya and ur gr8 posts..