Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Overlooking the Obvious (2)

Continued from the previous post

But that's when her subconscious mind began to to take action, affecting her conscious self and her thoughts, and she began to remember the past, things she wished would never have happened, but yet she's grateful, cause the past is what brought her to the present, to live this very moment, and love and be loved.

And that's when the waterworks started working and she couldn't stand the pain and hurt she had inflicted upon herself. And she began to see the worried look in his eyes, she knew that he wasn't the type of guy that knew how to handle these situations.

But he surprised her by saying: "Don't cry baby, nothing in this world is worth one of your precious teardrops to start crawling down your luscious cheeks."

He was surprised at his own sensitivity and emotions and humour around her. But he knew that with her anything was possible, and that he was her man, and in his eyes and heart she deserved everything in this world. He was even more surprised when she began crying more strongly and passionately, and he tried to soothe her by asking:

"Tell me what's wrong, and I'll try to take all the pain away."

She saw his genuine true love by the way he said his words and realised how much she truly loved him, and that's when he began to feel her heart beats quicken and pick up their pace, as if she just ran and was now out of breath. She was about to make the biggest desicision she ever made in a relationship, maybe in her entire life. Her mind started to wonder: Should she tell him or shouldn't she? While her mind was rattling, trying to think of something to say, without pushing him away, he blurted out and said:
"Nothing is going to take you away from me 7abeebti, nothing in this entire world can take you away."

P.S. I know its a short post, bas I won't keep u waiting long, inshallah i'll post tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed it + more about their worlds' and past coming soon! Not in the next post, bas in the one after it!


  1. what's the big decision? loved the post x

  2. u'll find out in the next post!!

  3. i really liked it please continue

  4. Rawan: thanx :) I just posted!

    Bahrain Fashion: thank you, I'm glad you liked it.