Friday, July 31, 2009

Overlooking the Obvious (3)

Continued from the previous post

He continued trying to make her feel better, except he never knew that he was making it harder for her to make up her mind. "I've never imagined ending up with you. Remember how all those guys would run after you, and chase you in their cars, just trying to get your number? And I'm the one who got lucky, you came to me. Remember how we first met, you told me that I looked like a wasn't a player, and that you want a real relationship, not just for me to be a rebound. You also said that I seemed truthful, and sincere and loyal. And I love everything about you, from your varied laughs to your serious look. What more could I possible ask for?"

"No, please stop, don't say that." And without notice or alarm, her eyes began forming salty teardrops in the corners of her eyes. He immediately stood on his feet and raised his finger to her lips and whispered "hshh", and he didn't allow her to utter another word. He knew that she was scared, because she told him about her past relationships and how they didn't work out, either because she felt they just weren't right, or because the guy ended it indirectly (by either cheating behind her back or just disappearing in thin air without a goodbye).

He got up of the trunk of his car, and held her hand so that she could stand up with him and be held in his embrace. Seconds later, he started to reach for the back pocket of his jeans, while she just stood their in awe and fear, fixing her eyesight on the movement of his hand. He took out a tiny wooden box out of his pocket and held it between his two hands, simultaneously kneeling on one knee and looking up at her, with the full moon in the background making his eyes glimmer from the light. He held up his hands and opened the wooden box that had beautiful carvings on the edge, and inside the box, there was a ring, and her eyes instantaneously opened wider with amazement and disbelief, while he uttered the words she had been fearing to hear the moment she realised that she had accidently fallen in love with him.

"You are all I need, and I want to be with you forever and always. I love you, always have, always will. Will you marry me Mariam Flani?"

She realised that those words he spoke were the same words engraved inside the wooden ring case he held firmly in his hands. It was a beautiful ring, but...

"No, 3ali, stop. Please stop. I can't do this. You deserve to know the truth."

"Baby, what's wrong? Am I going too fast, we can slow down, I can wait, but I don't want to lose you, I can't. You are my everything. If your worried about your heart being broken, trust me I won't break it, I promise. You know I love you, and you love me..." Pause "you do love me, don't you?"

"Yes, yes, ofcourse I do" Pause "But I didn't from the start, it was a setup, you deserve to know the truth."

He stayed quiet, and shook his head up and down, motioning for her to continue.


  1. And she played him how?
    I'd say poor thing, but somehow if you look at it, everything is a set up one way or another.
    Some are just backed up by lady luck :P

  2. Please lat6awleen=/
    I'm soooo curious

  3. Feelings nicely put into words...
    esalfa feeha ina mn el 5a6rr!!! i soo wanna know whats going on ...mysterious indeed !
    lokin forward next post :D

    check out my blog leave a comment pweez :)

  4. i just found ur blog!
    i loved it mashalah ur so talented!;p
    i love the way you write!
    im hooked!
    next post please!:p

  5. *gasps* A SETUP?! Uh no please dont keep me waiting because im sitting on pins and needles now waiting 4 your next post.. You've mesmerized me from the first post i read of ur amazingly written creations mashalla.. Love the way you write your story in a unique way unlike others..

  6. i really hoope you continue this...

  7. I just started reading your blog, Me likey, great writing and looks like a lovely story!

    Will be waiting for your next post...

  8. Carpe Diem: u’ll find out if u read the post i just published!! Thanx for ur opinion, and definitely lady luck did play a role in the story!

    Charmbracelet: Sorry I took long xD I’ll make sure next time not to keep u waitin, thanx N

    Atonement: thanx babe, I just posted :D

    identity: aww..thanx ..u made me smile :)

    Dazzlin: thank you so much for ur kind, sweet words, I’m glad I’ve got u mesmerized, inshallah that’ll last!

    Rawan: I’m planning to!! Got nothing else in mind. Thanx for ur concern :D

    Reverie: Thanx for passing by, I’m glad u liked it :)