Monday, July 27, 2009

Overlooking the Obvious

They could feel each other's passion and love by the movement and beating of their hearts. They both had to admit, feeling each others heartbeat was a powerful feeling. At times just being together and near each other sent a rush of emotions of care, respect, truth, sincerity, honesty, hope, commitment and love. It was at these times that they thought of everything and nothing. It was time that brought them together, and it was only time that could drift them apart.

They say that opposites attract like bees that are drawn to the pollen of flowers. And this analogy described the way they felt about their union.

They could feel each other's intensity of love growing by each day, hour, minute and second they spent together.

It was a beautiful scene sitting in the back trunk of his car together in each others embrace watching the sun set and fade away into the pink clouds just like it was being absorbed and disintegrating forever, just as if it was being torn out of its bright colours. Her, laying her head against his broad, masculine shoulders, claiming her territory. And him just savouring each moment, taking in all he could with each breath, the scent of her curly light brown hair, with each of her golden locks placed neatly on his shoulders. She felt complete. He felt complete. They felt complete. Together.

They could see each other presence, they could smell each others scent, they could taste the moisture in the air, they could feel the warm yet cool vibrant breeze picking up on the winds signal and they could feel each others heartbeat, beating non-stop against the ribcage in their chests.

With each other and by each others side, they could feel the blue past clawing its way to their solitary minds and gradually affecting the present. One word keeps going through each of their minds and souls whenever they're near each other: love.

They could make an equation out of their relationship: Mariam + 3ali = love.

She began thinking that this would be the perfect moment for their first kiss. The perfect mood, the perfect atmosphere, the perfect everything. But that's when her subconscious mind began to take action, affecting her conscious self and her thoughts, and she began to remember the past, things she wished would never have happened, but yet she's grateful, because the past is what brought her to the present, to live this very moment, and love and be loved.


  1. wow you wrote this?? seriously MASHALLAH i can tell your talented already mashallah your description and technique is amazing keep it up and I can't wait for more;**

  2. Ok I admit, I cringed when you told me to check out your blog because I always end up reading the same ol' dramatic stories with no plot (or there is a "plot" - lots of getting hurt, lots of backstabbing, lots of cheating, and lots of crying) and lots of he said: she said: conversations, you know? But this was good. Really good! Thanks for a good read :)

  3. Great story...welcome to blogging, I am new to blogging myself and just started a blog, check it out at

  4. Great story, welcome to blogging, I am new to blogging myself, check out my blog at

  5. Mashallaaa!! U've got me hooked already y3ni ur writing drew me in.. Ur really talented mashalla o cant wait to read more of ur story..

  6. tigerlilly: yeh I know wat u mean, that’s wat I sometimes think of blogs that talk bout the same thing offense to anyone :) ..but im glad u liked it + theres more to come!!

    Lauren……: inshallah :)

    Dazzlin: thanx + I’ll hopefully be postin tonight :D